About  Us

Delivery is guaranteed, and publications are delivery from door to door, business to business, taxi ranks and school to school.

Long story short


  • To unite and educate all local communities through Mavuso News Mission to give a voice to social issues which threaten the community and to raise awareness on these matters within the community


  • To provide a platform upon which issues of importance to the community are discussed and inciting community journalists to cover current concerns to engage strategic pattern through advertising in Mavuso News to ensure the successful production of the publication.

About Us

  • Mavuso newspaper is free of charge to the communities in Mpumalanga and Gauteng.
  • We are South African locally owned newspaper so you don’t need to pay any high ratings.
  • Mavuso News’ audience includes higher class, lower class, middle class, private and public sector (LSM 4 –10).
  • We attract new audience every week, and we offer two areas of advertising, print and web.
  • Delivery is guaranteed, and publications are delivered from door to door, business to business, and school to school.
  • Mavuso News has a local flavor which is reinforced by editorial content specific to it’s targeted areas.
  • Mavuso News is like NO other publication and is NO ordinary luxury newspaper.
  • We have been a key media buy for the community.
  • Advertising with the Mavuso News is the best way to reach highly involved audience in Piet Retief, Ermelo, Bethel (Mpumalanga), Soweto and Johannesburg.

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Our Team

We provide local and national flavored information. Advertising of local, regional, and national businesses.

Wally Mavuso

  Managing Director

Mellisa Sithole

 Feature and Entertainment- Journalist

Mandisa Mavuso

 Trainee Media Operation

Ben Motshweni,

Sales and Marketing in Mpumalanga

Philile Khumalo,

a trainee Secretary of Mavuso Multi-Media

Bongani Shikuhele,

Creative Director

Orapeleng Mashinini,

Journalist and sub-editor